Corporate Team Building

BBQ competitions are made up of structured team dynamics requiring the need to take on specific roles, strategizing and working together to be successful in reaching the goal of winning awards. This type of team structure is a great way to bring people together and have them develop a plan to complete the task.

BBQ Mike’s Corporate Team Building will provide an overview about BBQ Competitions including Safe Food Handling, BBQ Cooking Site Setup, Meat Prep & Cooking, Competition Turn In, and Judging. We want to bring people together to work in teams to accomplish the goal of cooking one or two BBQ meats in a competition atmosphere that includes team strategy, tight deadlines, judging, scoring, and determining a winning team. The exercise is challenging AND FUN!

After the teams have completed the tasks, we can have a sit down dinner or short meeting where BBQ Mike and Christine will present questions to the teams to discuss the methods used to meet the goal. Team input and decision making will be explored. The teams will be questioned about what went right or wrong and how they overcame obstacles .

BBQ Competition

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